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Are you looking for a partner for travel purposes, business events, friends’ gatherings, concerts or weddings?

After registration you can take a look at the escorts’ profiles and photos or you can contact us directly: Forró Magda Phone-Viber-Whatsapp: +3620 9266466

The ones who need companions are usually businessmen/women, entrepreneurs, foreigners residing in Hungary (or outside of Hungary), or people for whom discretion is extremely important in addition to leisure time.

Due to their social status they have to attend business dinners, negotiations, exhibition openings, theatres or business trips (domestic or international ones).Mediation can be requested in Europe, Canada, United States, and Australia (and in other countries as well). To request a partner registration is necessary. The registration will not be visible on our website.

It is only necessary for requesting a companion and also to organize the mediation properly. The data is kept confidential and cannot be seen by third parties.

The registration is not mandatory; you can contact us by phone as well. Not all the escorts’ profiles can be seen on our website, you can choose from a wider database by visiting our office.

Direct contact: Forro Magda Phone –Viber-Whatsapp +3620 9266466
The one time mediation fee 40 000 HUF/ 1 person refers to only mediation, does not include any other service. Half year membership costs 80 000HUF which is valid for 6 months and during this period you will have access to request mediations as many times as you wish. The selected partner will be contacted and notified as soon as the mediation fee is received.

The ethical rules of the service regarding both parties:

      1. Expecting sexual service is not legal, our office is responsible only for mediating relationships based on sympathy.
      2. Our office is only responsible for the mediation between the two parties. It is up to them if they acknowledge the meeting with satisfaction.
      3. Contact details (such as phone number, email address) will be communicated after the selected person is informed and her affirmative answer is received.
      4. This is accompanying service therefore is expected to respect the other party.
      5. Our office handles the information with the greatest possible discretion.