Information about the application

Information about the application

I need an escort!

Are you looking for an escort from Europe or other continents for travel, business meetings, gatherings of friends, concerts, weddings? After registration, you can see the lights, introductions or direct contact of the attendants: Magda Forró Phone – Viber – WhatsApp +36 20 9266466

Applicants for escorts are usually businessmen/women, entrepreneurs, foreigners in Hungary and abroad, or those in positions for whom discretion is especially important in addition to pleasant leisure time. Due to their social status, they must regularly appear at business dinners, soirees, meetings, professional events, openings of exhibitions and shows, theaters, on foreign-domestic trips or at any other event.

Mediation is also available in Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries. Registration is required to request an escort. Registration will not be visible on our website. The contents are only necessary for requesting and conducting mediation. The data is kept confidential and cannot be seen by external persons.

Registration is not mandatory; you can contact us by phone. The introductions on our website reflect only part of our register, you can choose from a larger database by visiting our office.

Direct contact: Magda Forró Phone – Viber – WhatsApp +36 20 9266466

One time mediation fee: 40,000 HUF per 1 person – mediation, does not refer to any other activity.

Half-yearly membership fee: 80,000 HUF that is valid for 6 months and during this time, you can constantly request a new mediation. We will start notifying the selected one after receiving the broadcast fee.

Ethical rules of service for both parties

  • The expectation of sexual service is not legal; our office conveys your sympathy relationship.
  • Our office only undertakes mediation between the escort and the escort; it is up to the two of them whether they acknowledge their meeting with satisfaction
  • Contact details (phone number, e-mail address, personal presentation) are issued after the notification and positive response of the selected person.
  • This is an accompanying service and is therefore expected to be respected by the other party.
  • Our office handles information with the utmost discretion.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the use of the service (T&C) dating and community service (the “Service”), which is available to members via the Internet.

The Service is provided by the ‘INFO TÁRSKÖZVETÍTŐ’ Office: 1074 Budapest, Csengery u. 23. Represented by: Magda Forró E-mail:

For the purpose of co-broadcasting, please include the records of my data and photographs in the database of ‘INFO TÁRSKÖZVETÍTŐ’. I would like to ask the Office at the contact details provided on the notification in case of your current dating interest.

The services provided by our site can be used by Members after registration. Read the following terms and conditions, they form the basis of the contractual agreement between us. If you agree to these Terms and Conditions, please tick the box at the bottom of the registration form, which represents: “I have read, accept and agree to the terms and conditions for the use of the service.” Select this check box to bind you to the following terms and conditions. The language of the treaty and the conclusion of the contract is Hungarian. We will send a confirmation to your registration to the e-mail address you have provided, which means accepting the offer.

Below is your written agreement to use the Service with the provider, data of the service provider providing storage space for the Service Provider: Company name: MediaCenter Hungary Kft. Seat address: 6000 Kecskemét, Sosztakovics u. 3. II/6 1./ Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following words have the following meaning, unless otherwise in the context follows:

1.1./ “Agreement” or “Contract”: An agreement between you and us that contains the terms and conditions of use of the Service contained in these Terms of Offer.

1.2./ “Member” means any person whose membership has been accepted and whose membership currently exists.

1.3./ “Data sheet” means the page that contains information, photographs and/or information about you.

1.4./ “Service” means the service in the case of a subscription.

1.5./ “User” means any person who has registered on the website.

1.6./ “We” means the or the providing the service (available at the address detailed above).

1.7./ “Website”: Our website on the URL.

2./ Entry and registration

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you declare and warrant:

2.1./ You are over 18 years of age at the time of registration.

2.2./ You have not been convicted of a personal rights violation or a sexual offence and you are not subject to any criminal convictions or decisions.



3./ Basic provision

3.1./ This offer of agreement, by accepting it by you, becomes an existing contract between us and you. The contract is a written contract in Hungarian.

3.2./ These terms exclude any other agreement and terms and conditions between us and you acknowledge that you are bound by these terms and condition (as modified from time to time).

3.3./ These terms and conditions supersede and replace any contractual terms previously communicated to you.

3.4./ We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. If these terms and conditions are changed, the updated terms and conditions we will immediately publish it on the Website’s Terms and Conditions website and at the same time notify you of this by e-mail or by invitation posted on the website.

3.5./ The Terms and Conditions, as amended as previously amended, shall be published on the 31st day after publication. It shall enter into force on the same day. By continuing to use the Service after the entry into force of the amended Terms and Conditions, you accept the amended terms and conditions and the entry into force, the amended Agreement will be binding on you. If you do not agree to the amended Terms and Conditions, you may terminate this Agreement at any time:

3.6./ We reserve the right to control and the right to remove any information, photographs and/or any other information, photographs and/or any other information provided for in this Agreement.

3.8./ We reserve the right to refuse applications for membership and to terminate membership.

3.9./ We reserve the right to change the Service, as may be required from time to time by changes in legislation or applicable safety regulations, provided that they do not have a fundamentally detrimental effect on the quality of the Service.

3.10./ The Service and the Website are for the private use of natural person Members only and cannot be used in connection with economic activities. Legal entities and unincorporated companies or any other associations of persons may not become Members, and the Service or the Website shall not be subject to be used for any purpose. Similarly, Members may not use the Service for commercial, advertising or other business purposes, nor may they issue any advertising services to third parties for such purposes, which they obtained through the Service. Unlawful or unauthorized use of the Service or website contrary to the Terms – including the collection of members’ usernames and/or e-mail addresses in electronic or other forms for the purpose of sending unsolicited e-mail messages or linking links to the Website – involves an investigation of the case, the immediate termination of the Agreement without a refund and the taking of the necessary legal action, including, without limitation, civil and criminal out-of-court and litigation avenues.

3.11./ Pursuant to this Agreement, Members shall be responsible for the information they publish. The publication of false and infringing information shall result in the termination of the Agreement with immediate effect and the exclusion of the Member. However, please note that we have limited control over quality, compatibility or the safety of members and the truthfulness of the communication published on the Website. As we do not always review the communications contained on the Website, you enter into this Agreement knowing that information about other Members, such as this Agreement, may be inaccurate or misleading, despite the prohibitions contained in these Terms and Conditions.

4./ Fee and fee payment

4.1./ The Service is available to Members for a fee.

Subscription fees may change from time to time. Any increase in subscription fees is published on the page and is effective from the date of publication. These terms and conditions apply to the ordering or use of the services.

4.2./ Our prices are VAT free. We are not liable for incorrectly stated fees.

4.3./ You must pay all full fees under the Agreement on one of the payment methods on the Website.

4.4./ No refund will be made for outages or inaccessibility of the Service that are not due to technical issues attributable to us.

4.5./ Hibernating the datasheet does not change the subscription agreement, it does not change the renewal (time and manner) of the subscription, the expiration of the subscription plan.

5./ Obligations of the Member

  1. 5.1./ The Member shall:

5.1.1./ You may not disclose your personal data, such as your full name, telephone number, address and/or e-mail address or URL on the Data Sheet, nor any other information that makes it directly available.

5.1.2./ You may not transmit and/or publish information, images or any other material that is contrary to any law, policy, provision, regulations or the rights of any third party (including, but not only intellectual property rights and personal rights, in particular, respect for the rights of others in name and image, as well as their human dignity, reputation and legislation on the protection of minors). The Member is entitled to upload a recording of himself at the time of registration, which is of acceptable quality and does not use image editing effects. Photos must not contain captions containing personal information (e.g. phone number, email address, URL advertising other pages, etc.). The Member declares that any persons other than him or their legal representatives in the picture he uploaded at any time during the term of membership have given their consent for the use.

5.1.3./ You may not use the Service openly or implicitly to promote other websites, services and/or businesses, including, but not only, personal email addresses, URLs and/or other personal phone numbers on the DataSheet and, in particular, do not offer or promote sexual services.

5.1.4./ You may not openly or implicitly acquire new customers from among the members, provide or purchase products and/or services using the Service.

5.1.5./ You may not abuse the Service or any information published through the Service in any way.

5.1.6./ You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any information contained on the Service or to any network providing the Service.

6.1.7./ You may not publish and/or copy information or material in any way to which your rights as intellectual property are different.

5.1.8./ You may not copy, in whole or in part, the information or data contained on(including, but not limited to, information on other Members’ data sheets) for purposes other than those set out in this Agreement.

5.1.9./ You may not send mail merges, spam , or waste emails to other Members.

5.1.10./ You may not in any way transfer, transfer, share user rights and/or authorize any third party to use the service for its replacement.

5.1.11./ You may not transmit and/or publish and/or email other Members information, images and/or other material that is pornographic, racist, insulting, defamatory, harassing, offensive, threatening, defamatory, political and/or religious beliefs, and/or obscene. In the knowledge of his criminal liability, he declares that the Criminal Code in force at all times does not commit on the Website. Crime to be prosecuted.

5.1.12./ You may not upload material that contains a virus or is protected by copyright to the Service.

5.1.13./ You may not use any equipment, software or program that attempts to interfere with the proper use of the Website. You may not attempt to intercept other Members’ emails.

5.1.14./ You may not attempt to intercept other Members’ emails. It is forbidden to advertise other sites or the user’s own page or service. It is forbidden to display your own or other personal data. Personal and targeted communication with other users and insulting others are prohibited.

5.1.15./ The user is prohibited from creating multiple registrations to avoid misleading users.

5.2./ If you violate any of the above rules, we may have the right to lock your balance, automatically delete the messages or content in question to prevent the publication of your data sheet, either in whole or in part, and/or to block your access to the Service, you are excluded from the Service whether in whole or in part, periodically or permanently, without compensation or any repayment, with possible criminal and/or civil consequences.

7./ Your profile

7.1./ You agree that other Users may display your DataSheet. You agree that the images uploaded to your data sheet can be accessed through the newsletters sent in the same way that they can be viewed freely by anyone on the website.

7.2./ If you disclose any confidential or sensitive information about yourself and/or disclose it to someone else, you do so solely at your own risk.

7.3./ You expressly guarantee that all information you publish is credible, true, complete, non-misleading and you agree to update it regularly.

7.4./ We reserve the right to check, amend and/or delete your Data Sheet from time to time if it needs to be amended or deleted in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

7.5./ You are solely responsible for the content of your Data Sheet published through the Service and forwarded to other members.

7.6./ You are aware that only Members are responsible for the information they publish. Members must ensure that the information provided is true and relates to their person. False information provided intentionally and/or fraudulently may result in legal action and termination of the Agreement with immediate effect. However, even in this case, the Member is obliged to pay the fees he has not yet paid for the services used, and he has no right to claim a fee.

8./ Termination of membership

8.1./ Ordinary termination

8.1.1./ Termination of membership by termination:

Members may terminate their membership at any time, for any reason, with immediate effect by clicking on the link on the Edit My Data and Edit Profile tab.

8.2.1/ You are violating the terms of this Agreement or the provisions of a law, whether the breach of contract or violation of the law is either one-off or continuing.

9.1./ Upon termination of membership, your form will be deleted immediately and all your membership rights arising from this agreement will be terminated with immediate effect.

10.1./ All intellectual property rights relating to the Service and the Website are our exclusive property.

10.2./ By accepting the Agreement, you declare and guarantee to us that the information contained in your Data Sheet has been published by you and that you are the sole creator of the data sheet.

10.3./ You agree to keep it secret and not to use any information about the Service, except for the purposes of this Agreement, which you hold or which you may find out, except for information that is known to the public, or which is required by law to be released.

10.4./ We will make every reasonable effort to keep your personal data, such as your last name, email address and phone number, confidential and undertake not to release it and we undertake not to disclose such information unless the information is known to the public or is required by law to be released.

10.5./ Trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts that appear on the page are the intellectual property of the and are not the intellectual property of the and shall not be reproduced, used, issued, distributed, sold or displayed.

11./ Warranty

11.1./ The Service is provided to you in its current form and it is not guaranteed that the Service or any part of it will meet your requirements, objectives and/or expectations. We only provide the Service, not its effectiveness, so we are not responsible for not having contact with other Members during the subscription period.

11.2./ We do not warrant any form of information available through the Service.

11.3./ We do not warrant any errors in the Service, its results, accessibility and/or undisturbed use which are from the crowding of the telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or service providers, computer equipment, software, e-mail or the overcrowding and dysfunction of the Internet.

12./ Use of the Service

12.1./ The Website is just a dating community designed to allow Members to post information about themselves and to allow you to interact with other Members through the Service at your discretion.

12.2./ You declare that you are aware that the information that other Members post on their Data Sheets only reflects the way they describe themselves. We recommend that you do not assume that any information contained in this Data Sheet is necessarily correct and accurate.

2.3./ We do not check each Data Sheet to see if they are correct or misleading. We do not claim or warrant that the information contained in the Data Sheets is correct and we do not undertake any obligation to verify any information on any Data Sheet.

12.4./ Before you act on information contained in a Data Sheet or information that you have obtained through the Service, we recommend that you do so at your own expense to make every effort you think is necessary to ensure that the information is true and correct.

12.5./ If you arrange a meeting with anyone through the Service, you will do so at your own risk. We recommend that you take all precautions that you consider necessary for your personal safety.

13./ Limitation of liability

13.1./ We are not responsible for any errors in the Service caused by you and/or other Members or that any Member has consented to causing errors. In the same way, we are not responsible for the misuse of your information made available to other Members by these Members.

13.2./ We will not be liable for the consequences if any amount of money you transfer is not paid in full at the due date.

13.3./ If there is an error for which you believe we are responsible, you must provide a reasonable opportunity to correct the error before the error is self-inflicted before you assume any costs and/or expenses to correct the error yourself. Otherwise, we are not responsible.

13.4./ We are not responsible for claims arising from your use of the Service or your trust in in and/or other material that is available through the Service or sent to you by other Members.

13.5./ Other Users and/or unauthorized persons (hackers) may access and misuse information about you as a result of your use of the Service. We are not responsible for any abuse committed by other Members or unauthorized users with information and/or other material that you have posted or distributed to other Members through the Service.

13.6./ We are not responsible for the late performance of the Service and/or other similar problems that we have no reasonable control over, including, non-exclusively – vismajor, war, floods, fires, labour disputes, strikes, work stoppages, riots, civil unrest, bad faith damage, explosions, government decrees and similar events.

13.7./ We are not responsible for the false statements made by members. Therefore, it is important to take certain precautions before meeting another Member. We are not responsible for meetings between Members through Hölgykísé or for meetings that are created between members and non-members in connection with the website and its service.

14./ Use of information, data managements services.

14.1./ The data manager is the Address: INFO Társközvetítő Office 1078 Budapest Csengery u. 23. Your data will be processed in the manner and under the terms and conditions set out in our privacy policy. The privacy policy is available at any time on Please read our privacy policy before you register. As it is an inseparable annex to this (T&C) privacy policy, by registering, you declare that you accept the terms and conditions contained therein.

14.2./ Some data and IP addresses of the computers of users visiting the Website are logged for the purpose of recording users’ visits. This data is used exclusively for the production of statistics and is not linked to other data. Some of our services place a unique identifier, called a cookie, on our users’ computers to record data, identify the user and facilitate further visits. The user can set up their Internet access browser to be notified when the Address: ‘INFO Társközvetítő’ want to place a co-broker cookie on your computer and you can also prohibit the sending of cookies at any time.

14.2.1./ Cookies are text files that are either temporarily placed in the computer’s memory (“sitting cookie”) or stored on the hard disk (“permanent cookie”). The main purpose of cookies is to create special offers tailored to you and to make the use of the service as time-saving as possible.

14.2.2./ We also use cookies when the user accesses our services through external advertising.

14.2.3./ Permanent cookies are used to track clicks and to automatically distinguish if the user has already participated in such a round-up, or you have seen an info application or advertising measure posted on the website to ensure that they do not repeat the next time you visit the site.

14.2.4/ ads are also shown by third-party service providers (including Google). These third-party service providers may use cookies to store the user’s previous visits to the websites and to display the most relevant most relevant advertisements to the user.

14.3./ Your data will be recorded by filling in the registration form. Before submitting your registration data, you have the option to identify and correct any data entry errors. Your registration offer will be confirmed and the activation code sent to your e-mail address, so please provide your real email address. Purpose of data management: provision of dating services and fulfillment of our contractual rights and obligations related to this, preparation of attendance statistics, and to let other users know as much about you as possible – that is, to ensure the highest quality and efficient operation of the service, and, if you consent to them, use for marketing purposes, telephone and SMS calls, newsletters, direct marketing purposes sending newsletters, using them for direct marketing purposes, and displaying location data to other users if you also consent to this.

We may send system messages related to the service to your e-mail address. If you have specifically consented to the sending of newsletters on the registration page, we may also send newsletters to your e-mail address, in connection with your own products and those of our partners. You agree that INFO Társközvetítő Office offers to find you at the contact details provided by you.

14.4./ Newsletters may contain advertisements for the products and services of or our contractual partners. If you wish to cancel these notices, please check section 14.9 for more information.

If you have provided your phone number in the registration form, you can request that you check the box in the registration form to see if the services offers, advertisements and prize notifications related to your services by phone. By ticking this box, you will also give your voluntary consent to the telephone request as described in this section. You agree that INFO Társközvetítő Office offers to find you at the contact details provided by you.

14.5./ Registration data is always voluntary. However, leaving the so-called mandatory fields on the registration form unfilled may result in you not being able to register successfully. Registration data will remain in the system until you initiate its deletion. You can change your registration information on your DataSheet at any time. Please note that some non-mandatory sections of the registration form may contain special data if they are filled in voluntarily.

In such cases, the adoption of this registration policy constitutes a written declaration and is filed electronically in such a way that it can be accessed later. By filling in the registration form, you consent to the processing of your personal data, including, but not limited to, your address, age, marital status, your nationality, smoking and drinking habits, religious and political commitment, personality, hobbies, sexuality, interests and behavior. You also agree that your data sheet will be placed on the Website.

14.6./ We take all precautions in relation to our databases to store information about you in a secure environment. For the registered data, the administrators of the, as well as other users and other users for certain public data. Visitors to the portal can access it.

14.7./ By agreeing to this Agreement, you agree to process the data you voluntarily provide and to be active in advertising in the form of processed data defined by law.

14.8./ Contracts are registered electronically and can be retrieved within the time limit. Internal access is virtually impossible, and a high-level firewall protects your data from external attacks. At the same time, you should be aware that the most careful measures in the transmission and transmission of data over the Internet are, as the technology stands, even with the most careful measures, it is not possible to fully protect against unauthorized access (e.g. Hackers), so it does not take responsibility for such access.

14.9./ The data indicated in section 14.2 is automatically recorded, you can decide for yourself to provide the other personal data that are more closely related to your person.

The legal basis for data processing is the voluntary consent of the data subjects. You can request information about the processing of your personal data. Upon your request, we will provide you with information about the data we process, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the name, address (registered office) of the data processor and its activities in connection with data processing, and who receives or receives the data and for what purpose. Information can be requested at the address or under the Contact menu item. You can correct your personal data yourself; this is possible on your personal data sheet after logging in. You also have the right to request the deletion of your data in section 8.3. or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link for certain services and newsletters. At the moment of deletion, all data related to you is irretrievably destroyed. The deletion of additional data provided in the personal data sheet, which is not mandatory to be filled in, by modifying the personal data sheet, is possible by erasing the data from each data entry field.

14.10./ If you feel that we have violated your right to the protection of your personal data, you can enforce your claim in a civil court or request the National Data Protection and/or from the Freedom of Information. Your other rights and remedies in relation to data processing, and the detailed statutory provisions on the obligations of the controller in accordance with the 2011 Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information Act 2011.It is contained in Act CXII of 2001.

14.11./ If you allow the Service Providers to use the location function in the Application or on the Website, the use of this Service is also your consent to displaying your current position to other users with a maximum accuracy of 200 meters. If you do not allow the location function, the Service Providers may randomly use your public residence data (settlement/district) your current position is randomly displayed within the given settlement/district. The use of the Service is your consent to this.

15./ Compensation

You agree to pay compensation for any damages, proceedings, lost profits, losses, fees, expenses, costs (including increased administrative expenses) claim, lawsuit and any other damages and/or debts that may be disclosed by you from your use of the Service information and/or other material you disclose through the Service, any breach of the contract, any acts or omissions and/or violations of legal obligations.

16./ Court of appeal and applicable law

The application and interpretation of this Agreement is governed by Hungarian law. The parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central District Court of Buda with their present contract to hear any disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions, including without limitation its validity, interpretation, fulfillment, termination and consequences of its termination, which clause does not affect the possibility of referring consumers to a court of other jurisdiction, which is not permitted by law.

  1. Complaint handling

You can make any complaints you may have during the purchase at one of the contact details set out in this (T&C). Our complaint handling is always free of charge.

Your oral complaints will be reviewed immediately and, if possible, remedied immediately. If you do not agree with the way the complaint is handled or it is not possible to remedy the complaint immediately, we will take a record of your complaint and discuss its contents and its contents will be agreed and approved with you. A copy of the minutes will be given to you. After receiving the complaint, we will examine the complaint and send a reasoned response to our position on the complaint within 30 days of submission. This procedure also applies to complaints made by telephone. The report of the complaint contains the following information: a) (a) your name; (b) your address or, if necessary, your mailing address; (c) the place, time and manner in which the complaint is lodged; (d) a detailed description of your complaint;

b.) Written complaint

In the case of a written complaint, the complaint will be examined after receipt and the results of the investigation will be sent a written response within 30 days of the notification of the complaint. Upon request, the results of the examination will be notified electronically by the Service Provider.

The complaint will be examined, rejected or remedied in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

In our reply letter, we discuss the results of the full investigation of the complaint, the measures taken to remedy the complaint and, in the event of rejection, the reasons for the refusal. We provide your information with a clear, comprehensible justification, in which simple language is used to avoid the unjustified use of legal terms. We strive to provide a meaningful response to all your objections in our reply.

c.) Register of complaints

In the course of complaint handling, we process the following data Your name, address or mailing address, phone number, method of notification, description of the complaint, reason, your complaint request, a copy of the documents in your possession necessary to support the complaint, other data necessary to investigate and respond to the complaint.

In the course of handling complaints, the data you submit are subject to the Provisions of the Information and Self-Determination Act of 2011 on freedom of information and freedom of information. We treat it in accordance with the provisions of act CXII of 2011.

The personal data recorded in the complaint register are used exclusively for the purpose of registering complaints and assessing complaints.

d.) Remedies

If your complaint is rejected in whole or in part, or the deadline for investigating the complaint has passed without success, you can contact the following authorities and bodies: Pest County Government Office Consumer Protection Inspectorate:

The E-Commerce Services and Information Society Services In the event of a breach of the consumer protection provisions laid down in Act CVIII of 2001, a consumer protection procedure may be initiated.

18./ Mixed provisions

18.1./ This Agreement was concluded exclusively between us and you, third parties cannot acquire rights through this agreement, third parties are therefore not entitled to enforce the performance of the Agreement. Upon the conclusion of this Agreement, any right of third parties to implement this Agreement shall be terminated without the consent of that third party.

18.2./ You may not assign the Agreement or any of your rights to the Service to a third party. However, we have the right to transfer any rights and obligations arising from this Agreement regarding the Service. If we choose to transfer our rights to a third party, we will be relieved of all liability arising from this Agreement.

18.3./ Does not constitute an endorsement of a breach of contract or give rise to any other breach of contract if we do not immediately take action against any breach of contract.

18.4./ This document contains the full agreement between us and you as parties. If a competent authority considers any provision of this Agreement to be invalid or unenforceable, either in whole or in part, the remainder of the provision concerned and the other provisions of the Agreement shall remain in force and in force.

18.5./ Contact details and opening hours of our call center. You can find the possibility of sending e-mail after entering by clicking on the “Contact” link in the footer.

18.6./ You can submit your comments and complaints about data processing to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c)

You can also contact us at the following postal address to inform us of any objections you may have to this agreement at: INFO TÁRSKÖZVETÍTŐ Office Address: 1074 Budapest, Csengery u. 23.

Represented by: Magda Forró E-mail:


Last updated: 2022. March 12