Data Management Policy

This policy encompasses the management of the data directly associated with

What kind of data do we collect? To use partner agency site we need to manage the data related to you. The types of data collected by us depend on how you use our sites, based on the information and content provided by you. We collect content, communications, and other types of information that you provide when using our sites, including when you register an account, create, share or communicate with your content. This includes information found in the content provided by you and information associated with it (meta data), e.g.the location where a photo was taken or when a file was created.

Data receiving special protection: You can choose whether you want to share your beliefs on religion, or who you are ‘interested in’ in your profile.

Communities and connections. We collect the data referring to how you get in contact with others on our website. In addition, we collect contact details. We use these in case you turn to us for information, or if we want to contact you with an offer.

Information about the payment methods on our website.

If you make financial transactions, we collect data about the purchase or transaction. This includes information about the payment process, e.g. the number of your card and other details about it, other account- and authorization data, billing, and other data used for communication.

Information about devices; we collect data from computers, phones, attached TVs and other devices that you integrated with our websites, devices that have internet access and we connect this data on all of your devices. For example we use the information we collect about how you use our websites on your phone to better personalize the content (including advertisements) and facilities that you see when you use our websites on a different device, for example your laptop or tablet, or to follow whether you took action prompted by an ad placed on your phone or another device.

The information gathered by us from these devices include the following. The features of the device: information such as operating system, versions of hardware- and software, charge level of the battery, signal intensity, desktop space, type of browser used, names and types of applications and files, as well as the integrated modules. Activities done on the devices: information about the actions taken and behaviors on the device, for example whether a window is in the background or foreground, or the movements of the touchpad (which helps us differentiate a person from a robot). Identification: personalized identifications, device and other ID-s, such as for example ID-s that come from games, applications and accounts, in addition family device ID-s (or other ID-s that can be associated with the same device that are unique for Signals used on the device: Bluetooth signs and information about spots close to the Wifi signal, beacons and cellular network towers. Data from the settings of the device: the information which you grant us access to when setting up your device, such as GPS location, camera or photos. Network and connection: information such as the name of your cell and internet provider, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP-address, speed of network connection and in some cases information about devices nearby or connected to your network, so that we can, for example, enable that you can transmit a video from your phone to your TV. Data from cookies: data from the cookies stored on your device, including cookie ID-s and settings. To learn more information about how we use cookies, visit the cookie policy on

How do we use this data? The information made available to us (based on your decision) is used in the following way. We use it to make available our websites, including the personalization of functions and content, as well as news feed stories. Information regarding location: We place the information about location, such as your whereabouts, your residency, the places you frequently visit, and businesses or people that are near you, to your and other people’s disposal, we personalize and improve our websites, including our ads. Information on whereabouts can mean the exact location of the device (given that you permitted us to collect this information), IP addresses and information based on your and other people’s visit on

Promoting safety, integrity and protection. The information made available to us is used to check profiles and activities, fight harmful behavior, identify and prevent inappropriate content and other negative experiences, maintaining the integrity of our sites, and promote safety within and outside of For example the data put to our disposal is used when we need to inspect suspicious activity or the violation of our terms of use, or to recognize when someone needs help.

Communication with you. The information put to our disposal is used to send you marketing material, communicate with you about the users of and inform you about our rules and terms of use. We use your data when we answer you, too or if you turn to us.

How can I manage or delete my information? It is possible for you to access, correct, carry or delete your data. More information can be found in the settings menu of The data is stored until we no longer need it to secure our services and, or until you delete your account – whichever happens first. These are determined individually, depending on factors like the nature of the data provided, why we collected and managed it, and what the relevant requirements are legally or in terms of operating the site. If you provided a copy of your official identification document for verification purposes, we delete it within 30 days after the verification. More information can be found about the deletion of the content provided by you and about data on cookies collected via social modules. When you delete your account, everything you posted, for example your photos get deleted irreversibly, so you cannot reset them later. If you do not want to delete your account, but you would like to quit using our site temporarily, you have the option to suspend your profile. If you ever want to delete it, open the settings of

How do we respond to official requests and how do we prevent danger? We access your information, and share it with regulatorty and prosecuting authorities, and other organizations for official notices (search warrants, court orders or citations), if we bona fide think it is necessary to prevent or solve fraud, unauthorized usage of websites, the violation of our terms of use and rules, or detecting other harmful or illegal activities in order to protect ourselves (including our rights, property or sites), you or others, including cases where this is a part of an investigation or an administrative inspection, or to prevent death or impending physical violation. For example, in such cases we exchange information with third parties regarding the reliability of your account to prevent fraud, abuse and other harmful activities on and outside of our websites.

The information we collect about you (including the data of the transactions made on can be available and stored by us for a longer period of time, if they can prevent harmful events or if they are a part of a request or obligation based on a law, a government investigation or the violation of our terms of use and rules. Furthermore, in case of repeated abuse or to prevent any violation of the terms, the perpetrator who violates both contractors gets blocked and we can save their information for up to a year.

The Provider reserves the right to modify the terms of use unilaterally.

How can you turn to with your questions? If you have questions regarding this policy, you can contact us the following way.

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Last modified on 03 08, 2022.