Apply to be an escort

Beside Europe we have requests from all over the world such as the United States, Australia, and Canada. Companions are needed for weddings, trips and business events so if you are from one of these countries it is not a problem, feel free to apply. To be visible on the website you would need to fill out the datasheet and attach a photo of yourself. After the login, you would need to click on the link which says “Change profile picture” and upload the photo. After that the ones who need partners would be able to see you and contact you.

Your data will be kept confidential; third parties do not have access to it. Registration is optional, secret mediation is also possible; you can contact us by phone.

Direct contact: Forró Magda, Phone-Viber-Whatsapp: +3620 9266466

Personal mediation of people living in the USA: Skype: tarskozvetiteshu Phone-Viber-Whatsapp: 1 416 732 0145

Registration fee: 20.000 HUF and it is valid for 6 months.

Ethical rules for both parties:

      1. The expectation of sexual service is not legal; our office is responsible for relationships based on sympathy.
      2. Our office is only responsible for the mediation between the two parties. It is up to them if they acknowledge the meeting with satisfaction.