Has it ever happened to you that you had to show up somewhere and you did not have anyone to go with?

Is it important for you to appear with someone who is appropriate to your social status?

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Anywhere in the world...

Lady escorts anywhere in the world and
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Lady escorts can be requested in Northern America, Asia, Australia, and Europe and in other countries as well. Whether it is holiday, business trip, sport event, concert, theatre, friends visit or any other kind of event.


Is there an upcoming wedding, business or party invitation and you have no one to go with?


Are you planning a domestic /international trip or holiday but you have no partner to share this experience?

Our news

English businessman

An English businessman on a mission to Budapest is looking for a decorative young lady for product presentations and negotiations. English language skills are an advantage.


A businessman who regularly travels to Western Europe on business trips would like to be accompanied by a pretty lady with good communication skills who speaks intelligent German or English. Up to age 45.


A 55-year-old woman on vacation in Florida would like to meet a discreet gentleman of a similar age or younger living in Florida or even further afield for a leisure time. Distance is not an obstacle.


Leslie, 60, from Toronto, has been a widow for a year and is officially planning an upcoming wedding but doesn’t want to go it alone. He’s looking for a nice lady to accompany him to this beautiful event as a couple. He is not just looking for an escort from Toronto.

Are you looking for a cultured partner for a theater, concert or exhibition?

Would you like someone to accompany you to the company event or promotion?

Take advantage of our Lady Escort mediation, intelligent, demanding, tongue-in-tongue gentleman/lady will accompany you even in the world!

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In addition to Europe, applications are also received from USA, Australia, Canada and from other countries who ask for escorts for weddings, travel, business and other events of friends. You can apply to be an escort from these countries as well. Your introduction is not seen by outside people. Registration is not mandatory secret mediation is also possible and I can be contacted by phone!

Magda Forró +36 20 9266466

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Are you looking for an escort from Europe or other continents for travel, business meetings and gatherings of friends, concerts, weddings or other events? After registration, you can view the photos, videos and introductions of the accompanying Ladies/ Gentlemen. Your registration is not visible on our website for the conduct of mediation. Contact me via phone.

Magda Forró+36 20 9266466


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